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For young adults, what does supported living entail?

We offer person-centered care to assist young adults from various backgrounds.

We can locate a personal assistant or carer that fits your needs if you’re seeking for home care that is tailored to your schedule and way of life. We’ll match you with a personal assistant or support worker who can assist you, whether you need extra help at work or school or ongoing care to enable you to stay at home.

See how we’ve been helping Hannah lead a happy, fulfilling life that is full of experiences and delight by watching the film.

Support for young people

An assistant can help you maintain your freedom in the following ways:

Taking you on vacations and excursions

If you're an active person, your caretaker can assist you in organising trips to your favourite locations or even accompany you on vacation!

assisting you in going to work

Your helper can support you on your travel to and from work, as well as assist you in getting ready for the day each morning.

accompanying you to the university

You undoubtedly want to be as independent as you can as a student. You can take advantage of all the wonderful benefits of being a student with the assistance of a carer.

assisting at home

Your helper will not only respect the lifestyle decisions you make, but they may also help with housework and meal preparation that is both tasty and nourishing.

serving as a friendship-building resource

Our helpers are all amiable, entertaining, and compassionate; they will be paired with you particularly so that you have a companion in addition to a carer.

assistance with your interests

Your assistant can help you continue your activities, whether you prefer going on sunny walks, playing board games with friends, or being a part of a club.

Support for young people

The impact that a great carer can have

We have a strong desire to support youth in becoming self-sufficient, happy, and self-assured.

Because we are aware that the quality of our care will always depend on the carers who provide it, we put a great deal of effort into making sure our carers are the best candidates to assist you.

Why supported living is beneficial for young adults

Young people benefit most from care at home because it allows them to live and thrive in the setting in which they feel most at ease and confident. A live-in or visiting caretaker can help you or a loved one spend time how you truly want to during a time when independence and freedom are extremely important.

With supported living, you can carry on living your life as you see fit in your beloved house, secure in the knowledge that you have professional carers taking care of you in every way.

Support for young people

The following are a few advantages of in-home care:

individualised assistance

You can benefit from a customised care plan that guarantees you're always getting the proper help for your needs and wishes when you live supported at home.

A comprehensive strategy

Because of our all-encompassing approach, no detail in your care plan is overlooked, ensuring that you receive the necessary mental, practical, and physical support.

Remain in a familiar setting

Many are delighted about the opportunity to continue living in the cosy, safe environment of their homes while getting the extra help they require.

Increase your time spent with those you love.

You will have the autonomy to decide when your loved ones come to visit, and your carer can help with hosting responsibilities such as tidying up your house.

Continue with your habits and interests.

You'll be able to continue with your regular activities and schedule, including going to work, studying, spending time with friends and family, and other regular activities.

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I am free to be an adult and independent student at university. I can act like a responsible adult, and Welcare has given me the self-assurance I need to eventually live independently.


Support options for young adults

We give alternatives for live-in and visiting care, each of which offers you a distinct kind and degree of support. Learn more about each kind of care here:

visiting care

Visiting care

Ideal for anyone who might benefit from regular, brief calls starting at 30 minutes a week. When and how frequently you would like your caretaker to visit is entirely up to you.

You'll be paired with a fun, friendly carer who you can genuinely enjoy sharing your favourite hobbies and activities with

Your carer can accompany you to social visits with friends, or help you prepare your home to host them

Help getting out and about to the shops, keeping on top of bills, cleaning, and anything else you might need!

live in care

Live-in care

Live-in care, a more extensive support option, entails having one of our wonderful carers move in with you at your house and offer 24-hour help.

With live-in care, someone will always be on hand to provide help and friendship

Your carer can accompany you to university, social events, work, and anything else

You'll have a live-in carer who is matched to your personality, likes and interests

How to set up young adult support care

Support for younger people FAQs

Our CQC-accredited carers at Welcare are available to assist individuals who are eighteen years of age or older in living safely and comfortably in the house they know and love, either on their own or with their parents. We can locate a personal assistant or care worker that fits your needs if you're seeking for support tailored to your routines and way of life.

Welcare offers assistance to those with mental health disorders, learning difficulties like autism and Down syndrome, physical disabilities, and other conditions. Reach out to us right now for further details.

During the course of your care plan, our team of carers will assist you in moving from child and adolescent services to young adult services. A local care coordinator who is exclusively assigned to you will oversee and manage your care and create your care plan.

Young people who live in supported housing have greater freedom to pursue their lives as they see fit. A young person can continue to pursue their favourite pastimes and interests, explore employment options, learn, pursue education, and spend time with loved ones with the help of a support worker or carer.

All of our carers have undergone extensive training to offer committed assistance to individuals with physical disabilities. This includes helping them move around and handle objects discreetly, as well as helping them with daily tasks like washing, using the restroom, and putting on clothes. Our goal is to uphold the dignity, comfort, and confidence of each and every client.

We would be happy to speak with you today to discuss how we can support you if you would like to set up support for yourself or a loved one. Our helpful customer service representatives are accessible seven days a week to go over your options and will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. If you would rather have us give you a call back at a time that works for you, you can also get in touch with us via the form on our website.

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