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What is Companionship care?

Take use of the assistance of a reliable friend to increase your self-assurance and independence.

Take use of the assistance of a reliable friend to increase your self-assurance and independence.Care and support might sometimes be more about living the life you want, doing the things you love, and feeling as human as possible than it is about a difficult medical requirement or necessary personal care responsibilities.

One kind of in-home care service called companionship care is intended for those who are lonely or have been lonely for a little while. A carer will pay the individual a visit at home and engage in companionship and emotional support.


The following are some advantages of travelling with a companion:

All-around friendship

Throughout the week, your companion is there to be a welcoming face and to offer enjoyable, caring company.

preparing your favourite dishes

Your favourite meals can be made by a companion for you at the times that you choose, and they can sit with you while you eat.

Assistance with your weekly grocery shopping

If you discover that you need a little more help with the shopping, a companion can pick it up for you or go with you to the stores.

assisting in the planning of a trip

Long-distance travel may seem intimidating, but your companion can support and assist you with the planning of the trip.

Help with household duties

Your care provider can assist with household chores like cleaning and laundry in addition to offering warm company.

Making sure you're comfortable at home

Your partner can assist in making sure you feel cosy and at ease, whether they are plumping your pillows, regulating the temperature, or cleaning the place.


Welcare offers companionship care.

Welcare’s companionship care approach is consistent with our philosophy of putting you, the client, at the centre of your care plan for all of our care services. We’ll make sure all of your needs and wishes are met as soon as you contact our kind support staff, enabling you to receive the kind and calibre of companionship care that you want. The gentle, sympathetic personalities of our amazing companionship carers have all been hand-picked, and your companion will be matched to your interests and activities.

Committed assistance from a reliable friend

A kind companion who complements your hobbies and disposition will be assigned to you.

We’re quite proud of our amazing staff of personal assistants, each of whom has received extensive training and has been hand-selected for their compassionate and friendly demeanour. We will match you with a companion who matches your interests and hobbies, whether you require live-in or visiting care, so that you can get along right away.


How you can benefit from our companionship services

We are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide significant assistance that has an impact.

For more than 30 years, we have offered the best companionship services in the business. Since then, thousands of clients have benefited in a variety of ways from our wonderful companionship services.

cherished business

Throughout the week, a companion can offer you invaluable company, preventing feelings of isolation or loneliness.

Maintaining your interests

We'll make sure you continue to enjoy your favourite thin, whether you play a book club or have a favourite board game.

Taking a rest

Everybody needs a change of scenery from time to time, and having a partner can make it easier to travel for a weekend or a vacation.

Moving around

Whether you're going to the grocery store, going to an appointment, or visiting relatives, your companion can assist you leave the house whenever it's convenient for you.

Assistance in the house

In addition to offering cherished company, we may assist with useful duties and schedules to help make taking care of your house a little bit simpler.

What distinguishes a carer from a companion?

Although all of our carers have had extensive training to offer a variety of support services to individuals with diverse needs, companionship care is not the same as standard care.

Instead of focusing on meeting your practical needs, companionship care will provide you with a reliable companion who will support your social engagement within your own home and go with you to your favourite locations or to see friends and family.

Having companionship care enables you to keep up a fulfilling, self-sufficient, and active lifestyle.


The connections I make with my clients are really fulfilling. I like that the care I give my clients a little bit easier their lives.

George – welcare


Services for companionship for young people

Services for companionship can be a wonderful choice for persons of all ages, including younger ones.

Life’s transitions, whether they be physical or personal, may often be daunting, but our companionship carers are there to provide both physical help and friendship when needed. For young people, companionship services can be an invaluable source of support during what is frequently a very hectic and uncertain time in their lives.

Here are some ways a companion can help young people:

Useful assistance at home

In addition, companionship carers can assist with household chores like meal preparation and laundry.

supporting life transitions

Making a big move, beginning a new job, or enrolling in college can be incredibly intimidating. For every need, an assistant offers invaluable practical and emotional support.

going to social gatherings

All of our personal assistants are highly skilled carers who can offer devoted, caring assistance anytime, anyplace.

assistance for disabilities

Medical conditions or disabilities are not considered limitations by Welcare. We will help you to live your life as you see fit, whatever that may entail.

Your Companionship options

We are equipped to provide live-in and visitation personal support.


Visiting care

Visiting care is for brief, regular calls and begins at 30 minutes per week. It is perfect for anyone who needs assistance with:

Our amazing companionship carers are available to visit throughout the week to provide a smile.

Shopping and running errands can be assisted by a visiting companion.

Assistance preparing for a visit with friends and family, whether at home or somewhere else


Live-in care

With our live-in care service, a carer resides in your house with you. They will be able to assist in various ways, such as:

A live-in companion provides constant assistance and a sympathetic ear at all times.

Your live-in caretaker can make meals and beverages to your preferences whenever it's convenient for you.

Your carer can assist with complex duties and personal administrative work.

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Companionship care FAQs

A live-in companion can provide an older person with much-needed camaraderie and much-needed practical support. A live-in companionship carer can be a reliable friend and a 24/7 source of security and geriatric care for your loved one who is living alone.

For senior individuals who would just want to have someone to talk to or share their hobbies with during the week, companionship care might be a terrific alternative. Our amiable friends can support your independence by helping you get out and about or by dropping by for a cup of tea and a conversation.

Personal care is primarily focused on providing physical support services like bathing, clothing, and medical assistance, whereas companionship care is more focused on providing emotional support. However, companionship care does not always require companionship.

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