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Overview of Home Care Costings

We want to make things easy because we know how intimidating it can be to understand your home care expenses.

We are aware of the strain that scheduling in-home care for a loved one or yourself can cause. That’s why, in terms of costs, we’ll try to keep things as clear-cut and uncomplicated as possible.

Your needs will determine how much home care will cost.While live-in care, sometimes known as “24-hour care,” is billed on a daily basis for temporary relief or a weekly basis for continuous care, visiting care is paid on an hourly basis. We can talk about the ideal degree of care for you and whether you and your family can afford the expense of in-home care.

Parkinson care
Parkinson care

Get the assistance you are due with Welcare.

Our carers are qualified and experienced to make sure you can have the greatest possible life.​

We are aware of the strain that comes with selecting the ideal care provider. For this reason, we’re dedicated to making sure every stage of your care experience is as simple as possible—starting with your very first phone call to us.

You will receive the assistance you require and merit while working with a well-managed care service and kind, understanding carers.

Our clients believe in us because we're:

Direct and unambiguous

We don't have any hidden fees or lengthy notice periods, and you will only pay what is specified in your care plan. We are completely honest about our home care rates.

Not a care agency

Since Welcare is a private company and not a care agency, you won't need to be concerned about retainers or agency costs.

Able to accept direct payments

We are allowed to take top-ups to your direct payments if you have chosen direct payments and are getting support through social services.

Is financial support available to help me pay for my care?

In England, £23,250 is the cap at which you will be required to pay the whole cost of your care.

If your total assets exceed £23,250 (which includes most investments and savings), your local authority will determine that you are able to cover the cost of your care on your own. Note that your property value will not be considered if you receive integrated care in your own home.

If you are unsure of your situation, you can ask your local council for a Financial Assessment to find out if you are eligible for assistance with your care expenses. Your assessment will evaluate your financial situation and determine whether or not:

Parkinson care
Parkinson care

Overview of visiting care costs

Searching for adaptable assistance to enhance your daily activities and way of life? Get all you want and more, starting at just £25.27 per hour.

customised treatment based on your needs

customised treatment based on your needsBecause we understand that your care needs are specific to you, our visiting care offers you individualised care so you may get the support you need when you need it.

Choose your amount of hours

Visiting care offers a customisable package of services that can range from providing 30 minutes of care per week to daily calls. This ensures that you get the support you require when you need it.

A streamlined procedure

We will provide you with an accurate estimate of the cost of your care from the beginning; this will be verified when we create a detailed care plan that meets your needs.

Overview of live-in care costs

Our ongoing live-in care rates begin at £1,599 per week for an individual and £1,839 per week for a couple, should you need a more extensive care package.

A higher level of care

If you need 24-hour assistance with your care needs but don't want to go into a residential nursing home or hospice, live-in care may be the best option for you.

specially designed to meet your demands

Your very own live-in caretaker will offer individualised support based on your specific needs, such as if you have a particular kind of dementia, providing you the assurance that you'll always have help.

As long as you require assistance

Live-in care can be provided as respite care, which is for short-term needs lasting less than four weeks, or for an extended period of time with no set end date.

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Own funds for Home care

Most of our families cover their medical expenses out of pocket. We understand that this isn’t always easy for every client, so we can have a conversation with you and your family to develop a care plan and budget that will enable you to get the help you require when you need it most. Naturally, you can always modify your care if your needs or preferences change.

Benefits can assist with costs of care

Benefits that might be available to you could help with some of the costs of your care.

Make sure you look into all of your state benefit entitlements when deciding how best to pay for your medical care. Depending on your unique circumstances and requirements, the benefits you are eligible for may assist you in covering the cost of the assistance you require.

Parkinson care

How to find your Care cost

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