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What is meant by Domiciliary care?

A variety of services are provided as personal care to help people remain in their own homes.

Professionals who provide live-in or daily visits to enable people to maintain their independence in their homes are referred to as domiciliary carers, home carers, or private carers. Their primary responsibilities include helping with medication, housework, and other duties that support maintaining one’s quality of life.

It is provided to people who require extra assistance with personal care, domestic chores, or any other activity that keeps them independent and able to maintain their quality of life.

domiciliary care
domiciliary care

Why should I choose Domiciliary care?

Domiciliary care, also referred to as care at home, is becoming increasingly popular among families since it allows them to regain control over the assistance they get. With domiciliary care, you can continue living your life as you see fit in your own house, secure in the knowledge that you have private carers taking care of all the care and support you need.

We provide consistency of care.

individualised assistance

With a customised care plan that guarantees you're always receiving the appropriate support for your requirements and preferences, domiciliary care enables you to enjoy

A comprehensive strategy

Because of our all-encompassing approach, no detail in your care plan is overlooked, ensuring that you receive the necessary mental, practical, and physical support.

Remain in a familiar setting.

Many are delighted about the opportunity to continue living in the cosy, safe environment of their homes while getting the extra help they require.

Increase your time spent with those you love.

You will have the autonomy to decide when your loved ones come to visit, and your carer can help with hosting responsibilities such as tidying up your house.

Individualised treatment

With in-home care, you can get individualised, one-on-one help from your carer, who will always be focused on you.

Continue with your habits and interests.

You can maintain all of your favourite pastimes, routines, and activities when receiving domiciliary care, allowing you to live life on your terms.

Reliable home care from Welcare

We offer continuous assistance that is entirely centred around your requirements and daily schedule.

One of the many reasons we’re the country’s top choice for home care is our custom care plans.

Our visiting care plans provide one-on-one personal attention, ranging from 30 minutes per week to multiple visits per day or overnight support. They are entirely customised to meet your needs. Even having a live-in carer to help you around the clock at home is an option.

domiciliary care
domiciliary care

They are an extremely competent and effective care staff. They are kind and hold themselves to extremely high standards for both the client and the other residents of the home.

Christina, Devon

Who is covered by Domiciliary care?

Anyone who want to receive the necessary support while remaining at home can do so with domiciliary care.

For individuals of all ages and with a variety of situations and ailments, domiciliary care can be advantageous. There actually isn’t a certain sort of person for whom domiciliary care is or isn’t appropriate because each individual has their own distinct set of support needs, so a “one-size-fits-all” strategy doesn’t work in this situation.

Our carers at Welcare have received specialised training to enable them to offer a broad range of personalised care services to individuals with different levels of need, regardless of how simple or complicated those requirements may be.

Our home health care services

AIn order to accommodate your unique requirements and preferences, we provide in-home care on a visiting or live-in basis. AA

domiciliary care

Visiting care

We provide live-in or visitation in-home care to suit your individual needs and preferences.

With our visiting care, you can have complete flexibility in regards to your care needs, starting as little as 30 minutes each week.

You can take advantage of visiting care by receiving support that is completely customised to your unique requirements and preferences.

Your visiting carer will actively assist you in controlling your condition's symptoms.

domiciliary care

Live-in care

With live-in care, a professionally trained live-in carer comes to your house every day to offer individualised support. Our live-in care is a well-liked choice for numerous reasons, including:

You can take advantage of the constant companionship and assistance that a live-in carer provides by having one in your house.

Having a live-in carer will allow you to maximise your life and keep doing the things you truly enjoy.

We'll assist you in finding someone who complements your hobbies and personality because we understand that having a caretaker move into your home is a significant decision for you.

How may you benefit from our domiciliary care?

Our amazing carers have received extensive training in providing person-centered home care.

Our well-trained carers can provide live-in or daily visits to help you maintain your independence in your own home. Their whole attention is on you and your requirements, and they will do the following to support you in maintaining your independence and quality of life:

domiciliary care

household duties

Your carer can assist you with household chores including vacuuming, cleaning, and laundry as well as organising your bins.

assistance with mobility at home

Since all Welcare carers have received mobility support training, they can assist with tasks like getting in and out of bed and around the house.

little medical assistance

To mention a few medical services that our highly skilled caretakers can offer include suppositories, PEG feeding, and catheter care.

amiable company

Because everyone of our carers has been carefully chosen for their caring and friendly dispositions, they also make for fantastic companions.

How Domiciliary care is arranged

Domiciliary care FAQs

The phrase "domiciliary care" is frequently used to describe the variety of services provided to help someone stay in their own home.

The primary benefit of domiciliary care is that it keeps you or a loved one independent in their familiar and comfortable home.

The costs of domiciliary care may be partially or fully covered by your local authority. You could have to cover the full cost of the services, though. Make sure you get all the benefits you're eligible for; the most popular ones are Attendance Allowance and Disability Living Allowance, often known as Personal Independence Payment.

Particularly for a couple or those receiving domiciliary care on a visiting basis, domiciliary care might be a more affordable option than residential care.

While residential care entails a permanent move into a specially designed, monitored facility created just to offer care, domiciliary care services are given in the person's own home.

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