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Explicit costs for live in care

Transparent pricing

We promise that your care agreement will provide a detailed breakdown of all the costs associated with your care.

No hidden fees

We don't think it's appropriate to charge our consumers unanticipated or additional fees.

Care without stress

Every step of the process, your local care manager will be there to listen to you and offer support.

individualised assistance

We will customise your support to meet your needs, saving you money on unnecessary medical care.

What is the cost of live in care?

The amount of support that you or a loved one require determines how much live-in care will cost.

For those in need of a more thorough degree of support than visiting care provides, our live-in care, also known as 24-hour care, is perfect. Our fees are determined by your individual needs, whether they be companionship, personal care, or assistance with more sophisticated care needs, such as assistance with various forms of dementia.


Some of the many benefits of live-in care are:

One-to-one care

With live-in care, you can have your own caretaker provide you with personalised one-on-one support, which means you'll always have their whole attention.

Remain in a familiar setting

Many are delighted about the opportunity to continue living in the cosy, safe environment of their homes while getting the extra help they require.

Personalised support

With live-in care, you can benefit from a customised care plan that guarantees you'll always receive just the right amount of support for your requirements and preferences.

Continue your hobbies and habits.

A live-in carer can help you maintain your habits and interests, such as playing board games or going to the theatre.

Increase your time spent with those you love.

You can visit your loved ones in their homes or spend as much time as you like with them in your own with the assistance of a live-in carer.

A holistic approach

You will receive complete support in all facets of your life from our all-encompassing approach to live-in care, and your family's requirements will also be taken into account.


Is a care home more expensive than live-in care?

The immense benefit of providing one-on-one care at home is difficult to compare with residential care facilities.

Even while care homes have a larger staff, our clients who have used both agree that nothing beats a live-in caregiver’s one-on-one attention and constant support. Residential care facility costs for a couple can begin at £1,242 per week, depending on the £621 weekly cost per person. Our rates for a live-in caretaker for a couple begin at £1,700 per week, and every one of our live-in carers has received the necessary training to assist those with complicated medical needs.

Taking care of home pairs

The price of a live-in caretaker for a couple is comparable to that of a residential care facility.

Based on a couple’s weekly expenses of £760 per person, residential care home costs might begin at £1,520. Our rates for a live-in carer for a pair begin at £1,839 per week.

While the cost of live-in care is slightly more than that of residential care, there are many advantages for a couple choosing this option over entering a care facility. For example, you can remain together in the home you both know and love while knowing that you are both receiving complete, individualised care. For many, a few more pounds a week are definitely worth it for this piece of mind.


Assistance from the home care specialists

With our experience and knowledge, we can offer you transforming treatment in the comfort of your own home.

We are the UK’s most highly rated home care company and the only one to be approved as a Centre of Excellence by Skills for Care, which is why thousands of people nationwide entrust us with their personal care needs.

Among the factors that distinguish us from our rivals are:

benevolent, sympathetic carers

We only appoint individuals to our care teams who are committed to their work and who have innate empathy and compassion in them.

Outstanding instruction for carers

in our well-known training curriculum, which prepares students to offer visiting care to individuals with a range of needs.

family principles

Even though we are no longer a family-run company, we still believe that family should come first. We were formed as a family business.

A completely controlled service

We think it's critical to offer a regulated service so that each and every client can be certain they're receiving the greatest treatment possible.

Local to you

With more than 150 branches throughout England and Wales and continuing to expand, your neighbourhood Welcare team is never too far away.

All carers directly employed

Being a private care provider as opposed to a care agency, we can ensure that every one of our carers is hired and trained by us personally.

Live-in respite care expenses

Live-in respite care begins at £250 per day.

We can offer a temporary private carer, often known as respite care, if you need assistance in an emergency or for a brief period of time. It is possible to schedule this short-term help for as little as five days or as long as four weeks.

Our weekly rates for live-in care apply if you require respite care for a longer period of time than four weeks, as mentioned above.


Your primary carer needs time off.

Your regular caretaker can take a well-earned rest thanks to respite care.

You're getting better.

A respite carer can assist you in your recuperation following an injury or surgery.

You can receive assistance from a respite carer while you heal from an injury or surgery.

We have trained our respite carers to assist individuals with complex medical issues and requirements for care.


It can be difficult to plan for the care of a vulnerable relative. Welcare was amiable, professional, and considerate. Knowing that my aunt was receiving responsible and courteous care provided me peace of mind.


Transitioning from "visiting" to "living in" care

Do you now receive visiting care, but you've noticed that it's not meeting your needs anymore?

You might be at a point where your needs necessitate a more permanent care solution, regardless of whether you presently receive visiting care from us or another care provider. It’s also possible that the expenses associated with hiring a caretaker to come in three or four times a day have reduced the appeal and viability of hiring a live-in carer.

Our customers choose to go from visiting care to live-in care for a variety of main reasons:

Care that is economical

Considering that a live-in caretaker costs £1,839 per week for a couple, switching to a live-in carer would not be too expensive if you already receive regular visiting care.

Care continuity

The security and comfort of having a single caretaker who can continuously watch over you and assist you is what live-in care offers.

Adapting to changing care requirements

Your needs for care will inevitably change over time, so you need to be sure you have a plan in place that provides you with the necessary support.

Discover your ideal Plan right now.

Live in care FAQs

We'll make sure you're always paired with someone who shares your personality and has a lot in common with you so that you have a companion in addition to a live-in caretaker because we understand how vital it is to have someone who shares your hobbies, likes, and interests.

A carer who lives in your house with you is known as live-in care. This choice guarantees that you have the help you need, day or night. Live-in care offers everyone involved peace of mind and is perfect for those who need ongoing assistance.

By contacting our helpful customer service representatives, who are accessible seven days a week, you may set up live-in care right away. As an alternative, you can reach us through our website and schedule a callback for a later time.

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