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What are Home care services?

You can get excellent care in the comfort of your own home with home care, a customised support option.

Home care, also referred to as “care at home,” allows you or your loved ones to have professional help in the comfort of your own home. Home care can be provided as little or as frequently as needed; each person will have different needs, so it’s critical to have complete control over the assistance you receive.

Home care is for people of various kinds and needs, whether you would only want weekly care visits or need specialised treatment for a complicated medical condition. Home care is a popular alternative for support for various reasons, some of which are listed here.

Home care services

Why are our carers so talented?

We take great pride in our outstanding in-home carers, who consistently go above and beyond to make sure each client gets the outstanding assistance they are entitled to. We put so much effort into making sure our carers are the best in the UK because we understand that a care service is only as good as the carer offering it.

Directly employed

Background checked

Expertly trained

Constantly supported

Fully regulated

Selectively recruited

Home care services

When to think about hiring a paid care to assist at home

You might want to think about home care if you can no longer live your life as you like.

The ultimate objective of home care is to support your choice of independent living. There is no certain age, medical condition, or diagnosis that indicates when to seek out in-home assistance from a qualified home care service provider. It’s just when you feel like you need more help getting around, preparing meals, or living your life the way you want to.

If you're: You might want to think about home care.

Welcare offers in-home care.

Professional carers that come to your house to offer transformative care when and when you need it.

At Welcare, we’ve been offering consumers across the nation revolutionary home care for almost 30 years. We provide the additional assistance, comfort, and company that you might require to maintain your independence at home with our in-home care services. Furthermore, with more than 150 branches, we’ll always be close by.

We are able to provide care according to each customer’s unique needs, whether they require live-in or visiting care.

Home care services
Home care services

Excellent level of careMy mother received exceptional care from every member of the Welcare personnel. Rebecca, the regular carer, was excellent and able to build a rapport right away.

How can a carer assist me at home?

Your personal carer is here to support your independence and put your health first.

A home care provider’s responsibilities frequently include general housekeeping (dishwashing, cleaning, laundry, making beds, and so on). They can also assist with meal preparation and offer dignified personal care (dressing, bathing). A home carer can also assist in the following other ways:

Assistance with medication

Our carers are highly skilled in helping you manage your medicine, from picking it up on your behalf to assisting you in organising and using it.

Looking after pets

Your carer can exercise and generally spoil your furry friend(s) at home, so you won't have to worry about being away from them.

Getting out of the house

A carer can go with you wherever you go, including to the grocery store, to see family, and to social gatherings and recreational activities.


Your caretaker can assist you with almost everything around the house if you're finding it difficult to find the time or energy to keep up with the chores.

Mobility support

Your carer will be able to assist with physiotherapy exercises, help you get in and out of bed, and move around your house.

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Home care services

More superior to a care agency

Being a private care provider as opposed to a care agency is one of the key reasons we are regarded as one of the best home care providers in the UK. This implies that you’ll receive from us a number of assurances that many care organisations don’t, including:

The services for home care we provide

We offer both visiting care and live-in care services to suit your needs.

Visiting care

Visiting care

When you receive visiting care, our carers will come to your house as frequently as needed, whether that be several times a day or a few times a week.

Care visits can be arranged to fit into your routines and schedules, with the option to begin as little as 30 minutes each week.

You can take advantage of visiting care by receiving support that is completely customised to your unique requirements and preferences.

Your visiting carer will actively assist you in controlling your condition's symptoms.

Live-in care

With live-in care, one of our wonderful carers will move into your house to offer you 24-hour company and assistance.

You can take advantage of the constant companionship and assistance that a live-in carer provides by having one in your house.

Having a live-in carer will allow you to maximise your life and keep doing the things you truly enjoy.

We'll assist you in finding someone who complements your hobbies and personality because we understand that having a caretaker move into your home is a significant decision for you.

How to set things up House Care Assistance

Home care FAQs

The additional assistance, comfort, and company that home care provides can be just what you need to keep living as independently as possible at home. You can remain in your neighbourhood, at home, and with your loved ones with the help of home care.

Numerous aspects of home care might benefit you, your partner, or both of you directly. In addition to offering you direct support, home care gives your family members—who aren't always around to offer it—extra peace of mind that you are getting the assistance you require.

A home care provider's responsibilities frequently include general housekeeping (dishwashing, cleaning, laundry, making beds, and so on). They can also assist with meal preparation and offer dignified personal care (dressing, bathing).

Our committed customer service representatives are available by phone. After learning about your requirements, they will set up a meeting with a nearby care manager. After doing a home care evaluation and meeting with you to discuss your needs, your local care manager will make sure you receive the best possible care package.

The frequency and kind of support you receive will determine how much your homecare costs, although visits typically start at £22.29 per hour. With this, you can get in-home assistance with household chores, medication, and more from a fully trained carer. Additionally, there are defined fees for overnight calls as well as 30- or 45-minute visits.

We get to know you, your interests, and your hobbies on a personal level when you schedule homecare. We will pair you up with carers who get along well and will probably become good friends.

For those receiving care at home on a visiting basis or as a couple, home care can prove to be a more affordable option than residential care.

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