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Get professional assistance in as little as 24 hours.

When you most need it, our emergency home care provides you with vital support.

Unexpected changes in circumstances can necessitate the need for home care at any time. With more than 150 branches throughout England and Wales, one of our dependable carers can probably assist you if you require emergency care.

If you need home care right away, give us a call. After you contact us, we can set up care from a private carer to begin as soon as the next day. We can frequently make this better even faster in an emergency.

Home care services

Help right now in your house

Within 24 hours after your first call, we want to deliver you emergency care. The intricacy of your demands and the availability of carers will determine this.

properly qualified carers

We guarantee that the only people who will assist you will be our highly skilled caretakers. No agency employees, no unskilled carers, and no concessions.

superior medical attention

Emergency medical care does not have to come with a lesser level of assistance. We'll see to it that you get the thorough, patient-centered treatment you require.

Emergency medical care that actually improves

We have been offering emergency medical care to individuals in dire need of assistance since 1989.

Tens of thousands of people have benefited from welcare’s in-home assistance in times of need. We always try to have one of our carers at your house within 24 hours of receiving your call to provide you with help and ensure you never have to be alone.

emergency is cared for by whom?

Home care services

Anyone who requires immediate additional support is eligible for emergency care.

Events can occasionally come so quickly that families are left unsure of how they will handle it. We are available to help at any time, even if you have complex needs, whether there has been an accident, an unexpected sickness, or you have been let down by your existing caretaker.

Within 24 hours following your first phone call, the majority of our branches can offer you emergency care in the comfort of your own home, regardless of your support needs. Here are a few situations where our patients frequently ask for emergency care to be provided at home.

You may wish to consider emergency care if you’re:

Following an incident

A carer can assist you till you're well again if you suffer an accident and are unable to handle on a daily basis.

Coverage for carers

Emergency care can make sure your help is provided even if your regular carer takes a break or disappoints you.

Unexpected sickness

An unexpected diagnosis or illness may leave you exhausted and unable to carry out your daily responsibilities.

released from the hospital

If you recently left the hospital and need to recuperate and rehabilitate, you might need emergency treatment.

Home care services

Thus far, Welcare has been outstanding. A live-in carer provided us with immediate assistance. The manager provided confidential support and telephone information was accessed quite quickly.


How may we assist?

Person-centered, holistic care that is completely customised to meet your needs.

We have more than 30 years of expertise giving clients empathetic, life-changing care in the comfortable surroundings of their own homes. Our primary goal is to empower our clients to live honourably, comfortably, and independently by providing a variety of useful, emotional, and physical support services.

Leaving the hospital

You might believe that a loved one's only choice when their hospital stay is about to end is to go into a nursing home. They can, however, return to their beloved house and its comfortable surroundings with the assistance of a live-in carer, where the carer can assist them in spending their last weeks in a somewhat dignified, peaceful, and comfortable manner.

Take care if your requirements alter.

It makes sense that if your condition becomes more complex, so will your care requirements. Live-in care might be the logical next step when that time comes. Maybe you're getting help from a loved one or getting support on a part-time basis right now. Living-in caregiving provides round-the-clock assistance to help you manage your symptoms and continue living your life.

Quick recovery

Anyone looking for assistance during a rehabilitation time could consider live-in care, which offers 24/7 support from a recovery-oriented professional. With medicine, minor medical relief, physiotherapy exercises, continence, stomas and catheter care, mobility support, and much more, our live-in caretakers can assist.

Call to find out more about home care

Which forms of emergency care? are the most common?

We at Welcare are equipped to provide both live-in and visiting emergency care. Learn more about each kind of care to determine which could be most appropriate for you:

Visiting care

Emergency visiting care

When you receive emergency visiting care, a dedicated carer will come to your home on a weekly basis to offer you individualised help.

Care visits can be arranged to fit into your routines and schedules, with the option to begin as little as 30 minutes each week.

You can take advantage of visiting care by receiving support that is completely customised to your unique requirements and preferences.

Your visiting carer will actively assist you in controlling your condition's symptoms.vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

Emergency live-in care

With live-in care, a professionally trained live-in carer comes to your house every day to give you with individualised emergency assistance and ongoing support.

You can take advantage of the constant companionship and assistance that a live-in carer provides by having one in your house.

Having a live-in carer will allow you to maximise your life and keep doing the things you truly enjoy.

We'll assist you in finding someone who complements your hobbies and personality because we understand that having a caretaker move into your home is a significant decision for you.

Stroke care

Emergency palliative care

During those trying final few months and weeks, you or a loved one can remain in your home with the help of emergency palliative care.

Our emergency palliative care is tailored to meet the unique requirements of your situation.

Your committed carer will be concentrating on symptom management and pain reduction while you receive palliative care.

As much as is feasible, emergency palliative care enables you to carry on living your life according to your own terms.

Home care services

Setting up senior emergency home care

It’s normal for loved ones to need a little more assistance as they age in both their personal and household lives, particularly if they have a medical condition or are weak.

Welcare’s emergency care services can assist your senior loved one in their hour of need, regardless of the reason for their need.

Emergency care available whenever needed

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