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Cancer treatment at home for you or your loved one

One of the most difficult things in life to deal with is receiving a cancer diagnosis.

We can provide additional daily support if you or a loved one is coping with cancer and needs it. Depending on your situation and health, we can provide you with specialised home support.

Our amazing carers are qualified to give cancer patients, who may suffer from the disease in a variety of ways, at-home care. Furthermore, we have assisted clients with many types of cancer in our more than 30 years of providing high-quality in-home care.

Parkinson care
Parkinson care

What is included in cancer care at home?

Family members may find it challenging to care for a loved one with cancer, and we will always try to help yours. Your loved one can get cancer care at home, freeing you and your family to focus on spending time together instead of having to take on the role of primary private carer. You may devote more of your time and energy to raising a family with our assistance. In many respects, home cancer care enables you to live a more self-sufficient, self-assured, and comfortable life.

Here are some services we offer to you:

A customised assistance strategy

You will receive a support plan with care at home that is completely customised to your individual requirements and preferences, ensuring that you always receive the kind of care you desire.

assistance to the family

Since a cancer diagnosis frequently impacts the entire family, we'll make sure your loved ones have all the practical and emotional help they need.

personal attention from the greatest

With one-on-one care from your own highly skilled Welcare carer, you'll get the committed assistance your condition requires.

Can patients with cancer receive care at home?

At Welcare, we genuinely think that receiving care at home following a cancer diagnosis is the best option. We can help you at home if you or a loved one has cancer and requires ongoing support. This support can take the shape of personal care, home help, nursing support, companionship, or encouragement with some of the emotional challenges you may be facing. At-home cancer treatment entails:

Parkinson care
Parkinson care

How can a carer help a cancer patient?

Our carers are qualified to assist individuals with cancer in all of its manifestations.

Welcare can offer you the support you need if you live in a specified area of the UK and need help with everyday tasks. In addition to providing professional medication advice, our team of qualified nurses and social workers can assist with daily duties including dressing and washing. Furthermore, Welcare may arrange for a nurse-trained carer to be available to you if you need overnight nursing care, giving you access to round-the-clock support.

We strive to support family and friends in addition to working with our clients’ physicians and Macmillan nurses to give them the best treatment possible, including palliative care and end-of-life care.

knowledgeable-led cancer treatment

assistance following treatment

We can make treatment less stressful by providing you with complete assistance following chemotherapy, radiation, or hormone therapy.

Giving out prescription drugs

Because Welcare carers are trained in medication assistance, they may assist you with organising and administering your medication in addition to collecting it.

Poor quality medical care

Low-grade medical support, such as discrete and courteous assistance with bowel, stoma, and catheter care, can be provided by our carers.

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Amazing caretakers providing professional care at home

We are dedicated to providing the same level of care for our carers as we do for our clients

We’re extremely proud of our wonderful team of live-in carers, who are constantly going above and beyond to ensure every customer receives the dedicated, bespoke support they deserve.

Parkinson care

Your choices for at-home cancer care

We provide both live-in and visitor care for patients with cancer. It's critical to know that you're receiving the appropriate support if you need expert cancer care at home.

Parkinson care

Visiting care

With visiting care, we’ll make as many or as few visits as you’d like during the week to make sure you get the assistance you need to take care of your health.

Your loved one's visiting care can be arranged to fit their habits and schedules, with care visits beginning as low as thirty minutes each week.

Having a visiting cancer carer provides the family with a comprehensive package of care that includes emotional, practical, and physical support.

Your visiting carer will actively assist you in controlling your condition's symptoms.

Parkinson care

Live-in care

With live-in care, a professionally trained live-in carer comes to your house or the home of a loved one to give daily, individualised care and round-the-clock support.

You can take advantage of the constant companionship and assistance that a live-in carer provides by having one in your house.

You may maximise your life and keep doing the activities you truly enjoy at the times that work for you when you have a live-in carer.

We'll assist you in finding someone who complements your hobbies and personality because we understand that having a caretaker move into your home is a significant decision for you.

How to set up care for cancer

Cancer care FAQs

Making sure a cancer patient has all the mental, physical, and practical support they need to manage their illness on a daily basis is crucial when you are providing care for someone who has the disease.

We can provide additional daily support if you or a loved one is coping with cancer and needs it. We can provide you with specialised home support that is catered to your needs and condition.

aYou can arrange cancer care today by calling our friendly customer support team on 0800 774 7215. The team are available seven days a week, and will always be happy to assist with any queries you may have.

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