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What is complex care?

Person-centered support for an individual with a chronic illness is known as complex care.

Complex care refers to a kind of long-term or chronic health care that is provided to individuals who require additional assistance in managing their symptoms and everyday activities. Neurological problems, disabilities, traumas, and even the need of feeding tubes are examples of such conditions.

In contrast to general domestic care, complex care typically entails some form of medical intervention and can also be given in the event that a patient needs nursing care.

Elderly care
Stroke care

complex care for who?

Complex care can help anyone with a progressive, long-term illness or injury.

Our team of clinical nurses, who has years of medical experience and knowledge, will supervise you to guarantee that you receive the appropriate care that allows you to manage your illness successfully and remain surrounded by the comforts of home.

What elements make up an elaborate support plan?

A comprehensive solution to meet your health needs is provided via a complex care plan.

A comprehensive care support plan will encompass all the information on a patient’s medical requirements, including any necessary diagnostic and treatment.

Composed in the first person, a support plan revolves around the person and their preferences, incorporating crucial details such their next of kin and other healthcare providers involved in their treatment.

Elderly care

A support plan's characteristics include:

Clinical nurse input

A Regional Clinical Lead, in collaboration with your local care manager, will provide feedback on complex care plans.

first evaluation of care

In order to determine your assistance needs, a thorough evaluation of your condition is conducted during your initial care assessment.

Your requirements are given priority

Your needs will always be the first priority in the design of the entire support plan.

Regular evaluations

We'll assess your care needs on a frequent basis to ensure that any necessary changes to your plan can be done quickly.

Elderly care

Welcare offers complex home care

Having provided in-home care for more than 30 years, you can rely on us to provide knowledgeable assistance.

Since 1989, Welcare has provided person-centered home care. Tens of thousands of people have benefited from our assistance in maintaining their independence, comfort, and security at home during that time.

Some of the things that our clients adore about our in-home care are as follows:

Individualised assistance

Welcare offers sophisticated home care that includes one-on-one assistance from a committed carer.

Take care of things your way.

You can obtain a care package that is completely customised to your unique needs and preferences with home care.

Visit your loved ones.

We encourage you to live as independently as possible, which includes spending time with loved ones whenever you choose.

competent carers

We assume responsibility for providing all of our carers with very high-quality training as a private care provider.

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For what duration can I receive complex care?

Your unique circumstances will determine how long your complex care will last.

We understand that every person’s care needs are unique, whether you are recovering from surgery and require weeks or months of support to get back on your feet, or if you have a chronic illness that you have had since birth and would like to be able to live independently.

That’s why we’re so dedicated to making sure each client has a care plan that is created with their unique needs and preferences in mind, guaranteeing that you’ll always have our complete support.

Elderly care

Which complex care categories do we provide?

To meet your specific needs, we provide a variety of sophisticated care options.

Welcare’s goal with complicated care is to provide you the freedom to do the things you enjoy, all while being in your most familiar and cherished environment—your home. Because our care packages are tailored specifically for you, they are adaptable and can change to meet your evolving needs. What our live-in, visiting, and respite care entails is as follows:

Respite care

Visiting care

Live-in care enables you to get the assistance you require whenever you need it, if you need 24-hour support at home.

With a live-in carer, you will benefit from the round-the-clock support and companionship offered by having a carer in your home

A live-in carer will enable you to get the most out of life and continue doing the things you really enjoy

We know that having a carer move into your home is a big step for you to take, which is why we'll help you find someone who shares your interests and personality

palliative care

Live-in care

a committed hourly visiting care service that gives you the freedom to decide when and how you need assistance.

With care visits starting from as little as 30 minutes per week, your visiting care can be planned around your routines and schedules

Visiting care allows you to benefit from having a type and level of support that is fully tailored to your specific needs and wishes

Your visiting carer will proactively help you to manage the symptoms of your condition

Respite care

Respite care

Respite care services are intended to be given temporarily and can be given by visiting or live-in carers.

Respite care is ideal for those times when your regular carer requires a break

Expert support when you need it most, ensuring you don’t have a pause in your care

A respite carer can accompany you on a mini-break or holiday

How to arrange Complex care

Complex care FAQs

For those with chronic or long-term medical conditions who need additional help managing their symptoms and going about their daily lives, complex care is a specialised type of support. Depending on the patient's option, complex care can be given at home or at a residential nursing facility.

A complex care management package is a set of services intended to help patients and their carers effectively manage medical conditions. Our clinical staff may need to assist with this, and we will need to collaborate with other medical specialists such district nurses, social workers, and general practitioners.

A team of carers led by a complex care nurse provides patients with major, long-term, and complex healthcare issues—like a neurological problem or chronic illness—with a customised package of care.

Significant, uncommon, or ongoing mental health issues frequently affect people with complex mental health needs and have an influence on their daily activities, such as taking care of themselves, going to work or school, and participating in the community. Together, you and our CQC-accredited carers will manage your symptoms so you can lead an independent life.

In general, any chronic, progressive disease or injury—including mental illnesses—is seen as a complicated requirement. Our carers are well trained to assist individuals with a variety of demanding care requirements.

Give our helpful customer service team a call to set up complex care today. They are happy to assist with any questions and are available seven days a week. You can schedule a callback from our staff at your convenience by utilising the form on our website to get in touch with us.

Following a talk with our customer service representatives, they will schedule a convenient time for your local care manager to come to your home and do a care evaluation. We will create a care plan that provides you with the precise kind and degree of care you need to continue living freely, confidently, and comfortably in the house you love after we've determined your care needs and any preferences you may have.

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