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Each day's help

assistance from a Welcare personal assistant to increase your self-assurance and self-reliance.

With specific attention to only helping with the areas you want by adjusting to your changing needs, our support can make all the difference in the world. Every one of our personal assistants has completed extensive training to acquire the skills necessary to completely help you at home, and they have all undergone extensive screenings, reference checks, and training.

Errands and shopping
Errands and shopping

Assistance in social activities

We value supporting you in all aspect of your life as a fully licenced service. Our committed team can accompany you to social events whether you choose live-in or visiting care; they can help you for the entire event or just get you there.

In addition to offering you emotional and practical support at home, your personal assistant can assist you with participating in your hobbies and daily activities, like:

Carer aided vacation

What binds us to each other is our capacity for travel.

Whether you choose to use public transit or your own vehicle, our personal assistants can assist you in getting around. You’ll be able to preserve as much freedom and normalcy as possible and continue living your life as you see fit if you can leave the house with confidence.

Being able to move around greatly improves the physical and emotional well-being of many of our clients.

Errands and shopping

Here are some of the benefits of having a travelling companion:

visiting the places you love

It's not necessary to give up going to your favourite eateries, cafés, and day trip locations when you have caregiving assistance when travelling.

Using public transport

Having someone to assist you makes using public transit and understanding timetables much easier.

investigating new areas

Your personal assistant can accompany you or drive you wherever you like, even to new places you might not otherwise be able to see.

Visiting relatives and friends

You may visit and spend time with loved ones with much more freedom and peace of mind when you travel with a carer.

Keeping to your routines

Many define an independent lifestyle as being able to continue with as many of their regular activities as possible, like going shopping once a week.

A welcoming face next to you

Being accompanied wherever you go by a dependable, kind buddy can be quite consoling and reassuring.

The advantages of selecting home care

Having a carer at home can help you in many ways, both now and later.

Getting extra help on a daily basis without having to move into a residential care facility is becoming more and more common with care at home. The following are some advantages of in-home care:

customised one-on-one support

Your carer will make a point of getting to know your particular needs and preferences if you receive care at home.

Provide you with much-needed rest

Having an assistant take care of all the tiring, time-consuming errands and housework can allow you to focus on your well-being or rehabilitation

Stay in a familiar setting.

Being helped at home allows you to stay in your cosy, familiar home environment rather than going into residential care.

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Errands and shopping

Greater than a mere assistant

We want our carers to be able to provide you with the best care possible, so their wellbeing is our top priority. Every one of our carers receives thorough training on caregiving, as well as the unwavering support of their local Welcare branch.

We always aim to match you with a thoroughly screened carer who shares your interests and activities as part of our holistic approach to care, giving you both a cherished friend and an assistant. We are aware that having a coworker with whom you get along well can significantly improve your day.

Errands and shopping

The connections I make with my clients are really fulfilling. I like that the care I give my clients a little bit easier their lives.

George – welcare

Carers: Can they assist with shopping?

With the help of a welcare carer, you should never be without the things you need and enjoy.

A welcare carer can ensure that you have complete control over the time and location of your shopping, whether they are going to the store with you, picking you up from home, or assisting you with online purchasing.

Errands and shopping

Our two choices for assistance with errands

We are equipped to provide live-in and visitation personal support.

Errands and shopping

Visiting care

Visiting care is for brief, regular calls and begins at 30 minutes per week. It is perfect for anyone who needs assistance with:

With our live-in care service, a carer resides in your house with you. They will be able to assist in various ways, such as:Assistance with purchasing

Your carer can go with you to work if you are a full-time or part-time employee and need assistance travelling to your location.

A caretaker can assist with planning and travel, whether you are hosting loved ones or seeing them somewhere else.

Errands and shopping

Live-in care

With our live-in care service, a carer resides in your house with you. They will be able to assist in various ways, such as:

Our live-in carers get nurse-led clinical training if you have a medical condition.

Your live-in caretaker can make meals and beverages to your preferences whenever it's convenient for you.

Helping with admin: A live-in caretaker can offer proactive administrative support, assisting with bill payment and other challenging duties.

How Errand support is organised

Errands and shopping FAQs

Errands and shopping support assigns you a personal carer who can assist you with any errands you find difficult, pick up your groceries, or go shopping with you. Your kind carer will always be pleased to assist you, whether it's paying your bills, walking your pet, or getting a prescription picked up.

Regardless of your condition or situation, errand and shopping support is for everyone who would benefit from a little more assistance at home.

Give our helpful customer service team a call right now if you or a loved one could use some assistance with shopping and running errands. They are happy to help with any questions you may have and are accessible for conversations seven days a week. Alternatively, if you would rather schedule a callback at a time that works for you, you can reach us through our website.

Your local care manager will schedule a time to visit you or your loved one at home for your initial care evaluation once you've gotten in touch with our customer support team. This is our chance to completely comprehend your preferences and needs so that we can create a care plan that works for you. Naturally, you may always modify your care plan as your needs develop and change.

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