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What is Live in care?

With live-in care, a committed carer stays with you in your home and is there to provide Welcare whenever needed.

We are aware of how demanding it can be to care for or assist a loved one who need care. Because of this, your unique requirements, habits, and preferences are the focal point of our live-in care. Welcare’s live-in care allows you and your loved ones to concentrate on what matters most: spending time together.

With live-in care, you can have a kind, knowledgeable carer live with you in your own house and provide you with help day and night. Your live-in caretaker can be a great source of companionship and emotional support in addition to offering you practical and physical care. Your local care manager will match you with a live-in carer who shares your interests and likes because all of our carers are hand-selected for their compassionate, understanding personalities.

live in care

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Why choose live in care from welcare?

As the UK’s most widely-trusted home care provider, we’re passionate about offering an industry-leading home care service. We only hire the very best carers to our care teams, and we maintain a set of principles that run throughout all of our care.

We know how you’re feeling

Support centred around you

To us, you are family

A fully managed service

Continuity of care

Expertly trained carers

live in care
live in care

Are 24-hour care and live-in care equivalent?

24-hour care provides live-in help around-the-clock if you require advanced care.

When you receive 24-hour care, you will typically have a primary live-in carer who stays with you full-time, as well as additional carers who may help you during the day or overnight when your primary carer needs a break or needs help moving or with other household tasks.

If you require consistent assistance for specific conditions but do not require round-the-clock care, you may also choose live-in care. There are several reasons why an individual can require round-the-clock care. Here are a few instances:

Through live-in care , companionship

In addition to offering practical companionship, our live-in carers can offer physical support.

Many individuals with mild disabilities, including not being able to bathe by themselves or needing a mobility device, could choose to have a live-in carer. Having someone who is adequately trained to take care of you can offer you and your loved ones much-needed companionship in addition to providing comfort.

Since we only appoint the kindest, most understanding individuals to our care teams, our carers make excellent friends.

live in care
live in care

The connections I make with my clients are really fulfilling. I like that the care I give my clients a little bit easier their lives.

George – welcare

What does "live in care" entail?

Our all-inclusive live-in care services are customised to meet your individual requirements.

Our live-in care at welcare is focused on providing you with the kind and calibre of care that is appropriate for your unique situation and health. We will take the time to listen to your wants and preferences while creating your bespoke care plan because we understand that your care needs will be specific to you.

The following are just a few of the numerous ways a live-in carer can help you at home:

live in care

Live in care can help you by providing:

We’ll take the time to find you a caretaker that gets along well with you and is aware of all your needs. Each of our carers completes specialised training that equips them to assist individuals with a range of care requirements, including:

The price of live-in care

Regarding the cost of our live-in care, we are fully open and honest, so there are no unpleasant surprises, hidden expenses, or add-ons.

live in care

Single person care

If you live alone, you will get individualised one-on-one support that provides useful assistance and cherished company. genuinely person-centered medical care.

Your home will always look "just so" with a live-in carer, giving you a comfortable place to live. No more soiled dishes, no more overflowing bins, and clean bedding whenever you want them.

All of our live-in carers are chosen on the basis of their amiable, caring dispositions, making them excellent company. Our clients and caretakers frequently become lifelong friends!

We are aware of how crucial it is to get along well with your carer. Because of this, the local care team will always make an effort to pair you with a person who shares your interests, pastimes, and personality.

live in care

Couple care

committed assistance that keeps you both able to continue your regular routines, interests, and activities while allowing you to remain together in your cherished family home.

Having a live-in caretaker enables you to get the extra help you require in your home. This allows you both to keep spending quality time together in the comfort of your own home.

To guarantee that you always receive the proper kind and degree of care and to enable you to carry on with your regular activities, you will receive a package of care that is completely customised to your unique needs and preferences.

Care at home offers your family and friends the reassurance that you're getting the assistance you require, whether you're lonely, dealing with a difficult illness, or are prone to falls.

Our clinical nurses

Exceptionally experienced and qualified registered nurses

Welcare is registered as a Treatment of Disease, Disorder, or Injury provider with the CQC (TDDI).

Welcare is among the limited number of home care services in the UK that has a TDDI registration. Because we have a group of skilled and knowledgeable registered nurses that collaborate with our carers to guarantee that complicated nursing treatments are properly overseen and carried out, we are able to offer TDDI.

Many UK home care providers are unable to give this form of nursing care because it can only be allowed by a healthcare practitioner due to their professional qualification.

live in care

Live in care FAQs

A fully qualified caretaker who resides with you in your home and provides round-the-clock support for ongoing peace of mind is known as live-in care. Based on the meticulously crafted individual care plan that you and your live-in care manager have prepared, they will provide you with the person-centered care you require whenever and whenever you need it.

Anything you require of them! Your live-in carer will be extensively trained to address all of your individual care requirements, including companionship, help with housework, mobility assistance, and personal care.

You can feel more at ease knowing that the live-in care you're receiving is completely regulated by a separate organisation if it's CQC-registered. To put it simply, a CQC-regulated service like ours is constantly inspected for efficacy, safety, and responsiveness, so you can be sure that you're getting the service you paid for.

The degree of your care needs will determine how much live-in care you need, but starting expenses are £1,599 for an individual or £1,839 for a couple.

We will schedule an assessment with your local live-in care manager as soon as you inquire about live-in care. In order to match you with a live-in caretaker who fits your lifestyle and your interests, they will come to your home to learn about all of your interests and activities. In this manner, you will have a partner with whom you are compatible and with whom you may gradually build a friendly bond, in addition to obtaining more than simply physical support.

In the event that your parents are incapable of caring for themselves, live-in care offers them a way to receive the extra assistance they require while also giving their loved ones peace of mind.

When care is going to be needed, there are many options available that people may not even be aware of. By choosing live-in care from Helping Hands, your loved one can retain control of their everyday routine, choosing to eat when they wish, get out of bed when they want to, and everything else that matters to them.

How to arrange live in care

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