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The ways to Finance your care

When considering home care, one must take long-term care financing into account.

You might be eligible for additional financing choices, public money or benefits, or both, depending on your unique situation.
The majority of our clients pay for their services out of pocket or directly. It is highly recommended that you first find out if you qualify for any advantages if you are paying for your own medical treatment. Here, we’ve included a tonne of advice to get you going and in the correct path.

Buying an immediate needs annuity is one of the other funding choices you might wish to take into consideration. In addition, we frequently field inquiries on various asset-related topics and durable power of attorney.

Parkinson care

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How much home care costs

We provide two different kinds of in-home care: live-in care and visiting care, each with their own cost. A quotation and care plan tailored to your individual needs will be provided.

Parkinson care

Visiting care costs

A carer who provides visiting care will visit your home on a regular basis to offer emotional, practical, and physical help.

The starting rate for visiting care for individual one-on-one assistance is £25.27 per hour.

Our weekly care visits begin at just thirty minutes, providing complete flexibility.

There is a £3.50 call-out fee for each care visit, which covers your carer's travel expenses.

From £25.27 per hour

Parkinson care

Live-in care costs

When you receive live-in dementia care, one of our amazing, amiable carers will reside in your house and offer you 24-hour company and assistance.

Live-in care for a single individual begins at £1,599 per week for round-the-clock assistance.

Live-in care for a couple begins at £1,839 per week, which works out to be incredibly good value per person.

You can choose a respite care plan if you only require live-in care temporarily.

From £1,599 per week

How Home care is arranged

Our goal is to make it simple for you to get the support you require so that we can concentrate on what really matters—your care requirements. Contact our staff right now to start your adventure.

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